The Exact Opposite (an interview)

This is the first of several interview posts that we will have from time to time. Today we are interviewing Jim and Kim. They were online naturist friends that became friends IRL (in real life). They are wonderful people, and were instrumental in our own story and journey into Christian naturism. So let’s jump right in!

Q: Jim, would you briefly tell us how you got into naturism?

A: It’s a bit of a long story, but I will attempt to give you the cliff notes version. I had been a pastor for about 13 years, and my wife and I were visiting in the home of some friends when during the course of the visit our friends asked us if we would be willing to help them out with a family issue. They went on to inform us that their relatives were nudists and asked us if we would be willing to have a sit down with them and try to talk them out of being nudists from a Bible basis. We agreed that we would indeed try to help them out of this lifestyle that we believed to be straight out of hell itself. We asked them to give us a week to do a thorough Bible study on the subject and that we would circle back around with them to review our findings. What we found during our Bible study certainly did not match what we believed and had been told our whole lives.

What we found in the Word of God was the exact opposite of what we thought we would find. 

We went back the next week to go over our findings with our friends who were equally as shocked. When asked what to do about what we had learned, we responded that we have always believed that if God is for something, then we are for it. And if God is against something, then we are against it. It was very clear to us that God intended us to be naked and not ashamed from the beginning, and we could find nowhere in scripture that He had ever changed His mind. In fact, we now believe that it is Satan who convinced Adam and Eve to cover themselves in fear (based on God’s “who told thee” question) and that is it Satan who is happy with people hiding the image of God in their bodies.

Q: Wow, we just love that story! Well, what are some benefits you’ve seen from this way of life?

A: We have found several important benefits. The first is that living as God intended from the beginning brings a closeness to God, nature, and other people that just cannot be found any other way. The body image / self image improvement that comes from accepting the beauty of God’s most important creation with all of it’s “flaws” and without any of society’s expectations is so liberating that it perfectly represents the Bible as it states to know Christ truly makes one “free” indeed. The health benefits from vitamin D absorption through the skin make it clear that God intended your skin to be naked. Lastly, the porn proofing of society through the commonplace of nonsexual nakedness simply cannot be denied. When nonsexual nakedness is common then women (and men) are no longer viewed as sexual objects, but rather just another part of God’s beautiful creation. We have found that children who are raised in a naturist lifestyle have less self image problems, less porn problems, less gender confusion issues and overall are better adjusted kids with a way less sexualized view of society.

Q: Excellent points! On the flip side of that, what are perhaps some of the greatest misconceptions about Christian Naturism?

A: By far and away the biggest misconception that we have found is people’s belief that naturists are a bunch of sexual perverts and deviants. 

In the vast majority of cases there is absolutely nothing that could be further from the truth.

True naturists are way less sexualized than society as a whole due to the commonplace of nonsexual nakedness. We have found that when someone hears that you believe in a biblical naturist lifestyle, in most cases, they instantly label you a pervert in need of repentance, not realizing that they themselves are the one’s promoting Satan’s lie to Adam and Eve rather than God’s original intent.

Q: That’s unfortunately too true! You’re on a mission to change that. Can you tell us about your site

A: The website was created as a resource for the Biblical view of the naked body. We have listed the occasions in scripture where nakedness is found and have shown the commonplace of nonsexual nudity in Bible times… both Old and New Testament. We have also listed the occasions where God commanded nudity, influenced nudity through the Holy Spirit, and shown overall that the naked body is neither a sin nor a shame. We have also examined the verses that are taken out of context and/or misdefined to be used to defend Satan’s view of the body.  We regularly add articles written to take a more in depth view of the scriptures, as well, and make practical application of the information.

Q: It’s a great resource for sure, and we’re thankful for it. What’s your hope for the church in regards to a Biblical view of the body?

A: Our hope is that more and more Christians will take an honest and open look at what the Bible has to say about our naked bodies. We also pray that Christians will decide to actually love each other unconditionally… even those with whom they disagree. We have found that is not the case with most people, but it is what God demands of us. Whether you agree or disagree with the Word of God regarding naturism we pray that you will retain a sweet spirit towards all people.

Q: Amen. Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

A: We have found that the knee jerk reaction to naturism of most Christians is shock and rejection of a fellow Christian. Most will not even have a civil discussion based on the objective authority of the Word of God, not our opinions or thoughts of what we wish the Bible said. We have found that those who will at least look at the Bible on the subject will come away with a new view of God and His most prized creation… you!

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