Thanks for Reading!

We are writing this post on Thanksgiving day, and reflecting on the many things for which we are thankful. Among them are you, the reader. Thanks for reading this blog! When we started this site earlier this year, we had no idea what to expect or if anyone would read it. We’ve been blown away by the response!

While we reached 10,000 views just over a week ago, now we are at 11,000 already, and that’s thanks to you. We hope you continue alongside us on our journey. We commit to continue adding to this site with new content regularly (We’ve done a post every week so far, and while we don’t promise to have something new every week, we will try!), story style articles, study style articles, guest posts, updates on the resources and memes page, and new original quote graphics. 

Please feel free to share this site and individual articles with others who might benefit from them.

Here are a few of some of our favorite posts so far:

In the Beginning

The Real Scandal

Naked Modesty

The Personal Manifesto of a Christian Naturist

Thanks again for reading, sharing, commenting, writing us, and for our like-minded friendship!

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