God Made Clothes?

I remember having the talk. No not that talk, the one about fig leaves and God making clothes for Adam and Eve. I was in kindergarten. I went to a friend’s house and we took our clothes off to play. I don’t know who suggested that activity, but it was probably me. I did suggest that we take our naked play outside. So we climbed out the window in his room and played in the grass out back behind his apartment complex. There was nothing inappropriate, other than breaking social convention, that is. It was all fun and games until his mom caught us, then it was game over!

That’s what brought on the talk. His mom told my parents what we had done, and my parents  took me home and sat me down. They told me I can’t be doing that kind of thing, and went on to lecture me about how God clothed Adam and Eve, and we need to be clothed now at all times. The inner nudist in me started to die and shame started taking its place.

It would be half a lifetime later that I would revisit what my well-intentioned parents taught me that day. I had never really pondered God’s question to Adam and Eve, “Who said you were naked?” I never thought much about clothes being an invention of humans (with some help or suggestions from a certain serpent). I was duped like all of humanity. I exchanged the truth of God for a lie. It’s time to reclaim the truth. That’s what this video is about…

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10 thoughts on “God Made Clothes?

  1. Ron

    Both the post, and the video are so powerful. I cried when I read the part of the article where you said, “The inner nudist in me started to die and shame started taking its place.” I feel exactly the same way about my childhood. My mother didn’t sit me down and talk to me. I was at my home, and I took off my clothes and went into the back yard. My mother chased me around the back yard with a switch. I feel exactly what you said.

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  2. John

    Oh wow! A spiritual light bulb went on in my head listening to the last part of this video. The part where it states we are invited back to the Garden where we once more can be naked and unashamed in God’s presence.
    Immediately Hebrews 4:12-13 popped into my mind. Those verses always seemed to be more of a fearful vulnerable event. But I also looked at verse 11 which is about entering His rest. The revelation is that to be naked and exposed before the Lord is truly a blessed event. It is the restoration of us being in His presence in the Garden. How freeing that is!

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  3. Salina SONshine 😁💝✝️

    I love how you and your friend just played outside innocently! 😁 That’s how exactly it should be and that’s how it is at a nudist/ naturist resort; just hanging out in nature as God intended! 😁🙌🏼✝️💖
    I can imagine Calvin from the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon series just running around naked, playing and enjoying life too! 🌞🤗


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