How Has Naturism Motivated You To Better Health?

By Figleaf

Often as we mature in our Christian walk we discover that some of our beloved scriptures take on a new meaning for us. The deeper understanding that comes with that process is always a benefit for the child of Father God.

The title of this article comes from 1 Corinthians 6:20, “for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” That scripture (in my pre-naturist days) admonished me to not lust or act sexually lewd along with a host of other “thou shalt nots”. It was a verse that often reminded me of my failures rather than carrying a positive connotation.

After becoming a Christian naturist it took on a whole new meaning as I learned the joy of viewing my body as the image of God. I began to look at my body as a special gift that I get to live in with the Spirit of Jesus. That privilege allowed me to enjoy the freedom of my body in a whole new perspective and environment along with a wonderful social network of other naturists. Hiking, fishing, swimming, lounging, worshiping, and a variety of other healthy activities are now part of glorifying God in my body while revealing His image as He originally intended. What a blessing!

But I’m discovering even more of what this verse can mean. For over thirty years I have been a health conscious person. My wife and I have dedicated ourselves to a natural and spiritual pathway for health and healing in our bodies. Much of this mindset was birthed with the onset of my wife’s diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. I began to really enjoy studying all of the wonderful ways the human body functions internally, and how all of the natural supplements, herbs, and therapy can bring health along with good exercise.

It was during my first couple of visits to a Naturist resort that my health consciousness was once again kicked up a notch or two. While enjoying those socially nude days I discovered what poor posture I had. For the first time I was able to take some outdoor selfies while fully nude. Those photos presented a much more natural view of myself as I discovered my posture was slouched with rounded shoulders, a swayed back, and extended belly! On top of that, just a quick glance at a couple of other really healthy guys with excellent posture showed me that improvement was possible and greatly needed.

Now I hear some naturists say, “but you’re beautiful just the way you are!” Of course I am! But that doesn’t negate the need or desire for improvement. I still want to be the best version of me that I possibly can be – spirit, soul, AND body.

I still want to be the best version of me that I possibly can be – spirit, soul, AND body.

As good as all that sounds, it was really just all about ME. I just don’t like sickness and disease and all the grief it can bring. That’s good motivation and has reaped many rewards in spite of the fact that we live in corruptible aging bodies that go haywire every now and then. But then again, I’m discovering there’s more to be grasped from this verse – especially the part about “glorify God.”

It seems I’m coming to a place in my life where I have a different motivation for being as healthy as I possibly can, and that reason is simply to GLORIFY GOD! I know that I can’t keep every disease or infirmity out of my body. I know that I won’t be able to avoid every type of accident that could injure and disable my body. But I keep coming around to the thought that if I am able, then I should do all I possibly can to bring health to my body – not just for me – but for Him and His visible image that I live in for all the world to see!

So I’m beginning to dig a little deeper by paying more attention to what I eat, how I exercise, and what new nutritional and therapeutic information I can apply to my life. It takes a bit more time and focus, but I find it a particular joy now that I’m doing it, not only for me, but for my Father as I live in the Kingdom of Jesus as His image. It’s actually kind of fun!

14 thoughts on ““GLORIFY GOD IN YOUR BODY”

  1. b3rtj0n

    Great article and perspective. Honoring God with our body is a positive, not a list of negatives. Taking care if is not an end, but it is part of our worship with our whole selves.

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  2. Okie61

    What a great attitude! Figleaf has brought about a truly healthy way to think. It is so true that as we learn and grow each Bible verse can take on new meaning hidden from us before!

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  3. Paul B

    We need to learn to lay aside our cultural glasses whenever we open up scripture. But to do that, we need to be prepared to look at ourselves hard enough to see those things. If all scripture is God breathed, then it trumps any notion we hold, no matter how hard we hold it or how long we’ve held it. As we start to learn to do that, we begin a scary and liberating journey to the truth. Scary, because it may take us to places we never wanted to go. Liberating, because the truth sets us free. But the same applies to newly held positions. I must lay them aside as well as I open myself to scripture, absorb the truth, then move on.

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  4. Jim Pfeiffer

    Beautifully well written. We all have struggles with the combination of healthy mind and healthy body. Ever leave a vacation and look in the rear view mirror and realize that you’ll never go back, but instead of sadness, you experience, how wonderful was that. And then your eyes are fixated on the road ahead, the journey home and you are at peace. If we take that rearview mirror look at some of the habits we would like to forget / go way, from bad eating to not enough exercise, and place those thoughts and activities in the rearview mirror and think, I’ll never be back there again, then look forward to see the new road in which you are traveling, you’ll have the confidence that you are going in the right direction in life. I hope that makes sense. Cheers, Jim


  5. Travis

    Since we are in our body, let’s continue to glorify God where we are. May our worship of God Honor Him in Spirit and Truth. Thank you for the reminder.


    • Paul B

      I find it so sad looking at Christian culture’s separation of body and spirit. I also get angry, but I’m talking about the sad part. Good made us a marriage of flesh and spirit. So many people stuck in the idea that, since God is spirit, the Image of God is spirit. Yet God made you and me so that we experience the universe mostly through our five senses. When we miss the full Image of God, we’re chasing our tails. But when I embrace the full Image of God, and realise that Glorifying him is as much about what I do with my body as anything else, what can I say. Phil put it better than I could.


  6. cyclimus

    I had an epiphany a while back that guided my wife and I in pushing ourselves to become as healthy as possible. Paul exhorts us in Romans “…to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God which is your spiritual service of worship. And do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable, or well pleasing and perfect.” We see fitness and health as keeping our bodies in prime condition as a spiritual calling. I’ve also found moments of connection to the Father mid-swim or in the quiet rest period between weightlifting sets where my mind is entirely void and open to Him entirely. Absolutely love reading your blog. Please keep up the great work!

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