A New Perspective (by G S Royal)

I have a friend who has a fear of flying, so she thumbs her nose at it by deliberately flying. I have another friend who has a fear of public speaking, and he deals with it by joining Toastmasters.  I spent most of my life hiding my body because I was ashamed of it. As a young teenager, I quickly learned that I had nothing down there to be proud of. It took me decades to learn I had nothing to be ashamed of, either. Like my friends, I chose to spit in the eye of what I feared. I chose to accept my body and stop hiding it. To deliberately let it be seen (without offending someone or violating the law).

Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing, is the very thing that will set you free.

Indecent?  No.

So many have been wounded—myself included—by a view of the body “that has the smell of brimstone all over it,” to quote my friend Draco.

Pastor David L Hatton tells a story of a blind man who was sitting on the sidewalk with his hat turned up at his feet and a sign that read I’M BLIND. PLEASE HELP. A few people had put something in his hat, but most just passed on by. A man who worked in public relations came by, turned the sign over, and wrote a new message on it. Later, he came back by and the hat was full of money! What he had written gave those who read it a new perspective: IT’S SPRING, AND I CAN’T SEE IT.

The problem I had, and so many of us still have is this:

My body is beautiful, and I can’t see it.

As though some miraculous metamorphosis has transformed our perspective (see Romans 12:2), we need to see the human body the way God sees it: naked and unashamed, the pinnacle of his creative genius.

Thousands of people have defeated their body shame demons. They have come to see themselves through God’s eyes. And they are doing it through the prism of naturism.

Ungodly?  No.

Most detractors are good church-going people who think they are honoring God by condemning those who live as naturists. In some ways, prudery has been elevated to the value of scripture, and that’s a slap in the face of the very Creator whom they try to serve!

What’s ungodly is listening to the enemy of our souls when he tells us to be ashamed of the image of God that we bear. Let the words of a poem I wrote a couple of years ago speak to you:

The Imago Dei
(The Image of God)

A man and woman—naked—
once in a garden stood
Created in God’s image,
He called it ‘very good!’

Fashioned for a purpose,
one infinite in worth:
to replicate God’s image
through miracle of birth.

Then comes the great deceiver
who so wants to be God,
and have the gift He’d given
these creatures made from sod.

He saw the Imago Dei
they clearly represent
and hated with a passion
everything it meant.

What happened next is epic.
A tree, its fruit, a lie:
“You’ll be like God! Here; eat it.
You surely will not die!”

Then once the bite was taken,
dressed only in their skin,
they heard, “…and put some clothes on!
Your nakedness is sin!!”

How prudishly we’re living
in our ‘enlightenment’,
while foolishly retaining
that gnostic excrement

so readily accepted
by hearts that went astray
when moral independence
was birthed that fateful day.

As mankind swallowed fully
a fallen angel’s plan,
Godly wisdom faded
from the heart of man.

We should actually be ashamed of being ashamed! As Mr. Larry has stated: How is it possible for the human body, which was created in the image of God, to be offensive to anybody? Satan would love to see God’s greatest creation be considered offensive.

What’s ungodly is objectifying certain body parts, and thereby separating the body from the soul that owns it.

What’s ungodly is teaching our children that the mere sight of naked humanity is sin. In doing so we have helped our great enemy create a culture that is steeped in pornographic filth.

What’s ungodly is the prudish mindset that gives pornography its power!

Study the Scriptures regarding this, asking God the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to His truth. Many are finding that these bodies are still fearfully and wonderfully made.  Because of Christ’s redemptive work, our bondage to sin has been broken.  We no longer have to believe the lie.  We can replace it with the truth.  We can once again be naked and unashamed.

G S Royal

22 thoughts on “A New Perspective (by G S Royal)

  1. pastordavidrn

    How could I not say a big “AMEN!” to this? It’s what I’ve been preaching for so many years! But it’s always good to see what we already know expressed in a fresh way that grabs the attention. I just wish the church at large could read this and get a big dose of God’s reality therapy.

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  2. Chinaman Creek

    But is it, at the same time, right to be ashamed of the harm we have done to ourselves in the name of gratification, neglect, addiction as a spur to living more in tune with the potential well-being of bodied life?


    • Phil O.

      I think so in a way, but don’t stay there. I’d say it a bit differently, but saying the same thing in essence. I believe shame is not from God. There is a godly sorrow that leads to repentance – and repentance really means a change of mind. Our minds need to change to reclaim God’s original intent for us including our bodies. He can restore and redeem that which has been marred as soon as we have our minds renewed and think differently about our own embodied souls.

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      • Chinaman Creek

        Thank you for taking the trouble to respond to my comment. I am new to this whole area, and am still finding my feet: there is quite a lot of contradictory material out there about naturism. I think in my comment I was primarily reacting to certain websites that seem to offer nakedness as a kind of instant cure for everything: unclothing is presented as an answer that requires no further delving into. My own feeling, from my own very limited experiences, is that naturism seems to offer an experience of wholeness, before we were split into ego and body. It is for this reason that naturism offers a healing from gratification: we get a clearer sense of how we tend, as ego, to plunder the body for pleasurable sensations, rather than to live from that sense of wellbeing associated with undivision. Since we live in a world saturated with the “extractive mindset”, I have to conclude that we need learn a new way of being, revealed in naturism, but requiring a sustained effort to work out. From your Christian perspective, I think this must be akin to “love”: the undivided individual needs both to deepen and intensify that state, to learn how to live a whole other life (hitherto unlived), and extend it into all our dealings in the world. Thank you for giving me the chance to try and express myself more coherently! Thanks again too for your website.

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      • Phil O.

        I really like what you are saying and highly appreciate the comment. Naturism doesn’t fix everything, but it gives an advantage for sure, or can. The Christian perspective, I believe, should further cement these ideas since they were our creator’s actual intent for us. Do a search on the site for the word “gnostic” and you’ll find some material in the dualistic thinking that came from the Greek that is still pervasive today that splits and divides the body and soul in two. It’s basically soul = good and body = bad, or at least separate and just a tool. When we are divided in ourselves, we can easily dehumanize and objectify others, or abuse and use our bodies for gratification apart from our souls (in theory) but it doesn’t work well, because body and soul are actually intertwined by design.

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      • Chinaman Creek

        Many thanks again for having the generosity to reply to my musings. Your point about “the creator’s actual intent for us” I think fits in with what I was trying to say: it is this that requires our “unpacking” and heightened appreciation, it requires our time, experience, learning and accumulation of insights (after all, we have lived all our adult lives in ignorance/error). I will follow up your suggestion regarding “gnostic” in order to deepen my own understanding. As to the intertwining of body and soul, I wonder if you would go so far as to consider them as being two aspects of the same mystery, one a material form, the other formless spirit, two faces or phases of the one reality. I look forward to future posts from you and your site.


      • Phil O.

        It’s a good back and forth discussion, and anyone else is welcome to jump in here as well. I believe we were created with a purpose, but we have missed that mark. Due to our fallen state in a fallen world, all that was once made good has been marred and distorted. But that curse is being reversed and all things are being made new (see today’s new post). We can restore the innocence once lost and be as we were intended to be before we strayed from our original programming. Society, culture, and even religion have conditioned us in a way that we need to reclaim the mystery of our embodied soul in union and harmony with the one in whose image we were made.

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  3. Tintana Memsey

    The truth shall set us free. You’ve spoken it. You’re free. We need to focus on pleasing the Lord and be true to our faith. Hypocrisy is a slow killer.


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