A Washing Machine Revelation

By John Figleaf

We hated our washing machine from the very first day we bought it over seven years ago. It frustrated my wife intensely, which caused me to dislike it very much also. After all, “if Mama ain’t happy – then nobody’s happy!” After my wife’s disabilities increased and I had to take over the laundry, I begin to literally hate this machine that would never seem to work like I wanted it to. It would tangle clothes, go off balance, and often sit and go into “sensing mode” for no apparent reason. From the very first day I began to curse that machine calling it all kinds of derogatory names and even kicking it and pounding on it with my fists! I’m really not a violent guy, but this was a bit of a phobia I had towards it – for seven long years!

Recently, after a really frustrating day with the dang thing, I finally had it and was going to get a new one. This one was going to the junkyard – that is until I looked at the prices of new ones! Yikes! Even the cheap ones are expensive! Ok, now I’m looking with a new mindset of perhaps living with this monster of a machine a bit longer.

I don’t know if it was the Holy Spirit or just me in desperation, but a thought came to my mind. John, you’re cursing this machine all this time. Why don’t you try blessing it? Quickly recognizing the biblical truth before me, I right then and there repented for cursing my washing machine and started to call it blessed out loud. I even declared it to be part of the Kingdom of Jesus and is therefore blessed in my household!

Well, wouldn’t you know it – shortly thereafter the Lord opened my eyes to what was wrong with it and how it could be fixed. I say, “opened my eyes” because I literally was blind to a simple method of making it work correctly. I’m a mechanical kind of guy. I should have recognized the problem easily, but I believe my cursing it literally blinded me to the obvious – and blessing it literally opened my eyes to changing this machine from a monster to a very pleasant and useful piece of equipment.

Shortly thereafter, I began to ponder about how this cursing thing had affected my life in various ways. Naturally, I began to review my journey out of lust and pornography into Christian Naturism – and the similarities began popping up all over the place.

  • I was constantly cursing my body.
  • My body was a monster – rarely acting the way I wanted it to. Always going off balance and getting tangled up in stuff it shouldn’t.
  • Just as I would kick and beat on the washing machine, I would abuse my body by looking at porn and doing destructive things with it. It was the same love/hate relationship I had with the washing machine. I had one and had to use it for better or worse.
  • Just like having a phobia about that washing machine, I would look at my body as evil and corrupt and must be dealt with very harshly.
  • I also began to see how many woman could hate their body and call it cursed – hoping to get rid of it and upgrade to a new model!

It wasn’t until I fully realized that my body is blessed because it is the Image of God that I began to be “repaired” and now my body works properly. I call it blessed and it exists in a blessed environment in the Kingdom of Jesus. My being nude is no longer going off balance with lewd. My nudity is no longer tangled up in the spin cycle of the world. The lie that my body is cursed has been washed away! I am clean, whole, and functioning very nicely without clothes. Who needs a washing machine anyway!

11 thoughts on “A Washing Machine Revelation

  1. jeffnkr

    It is so easy to curse something, and ourselves. Rodney Dangerfield made a successful career out of self-deprecating humor – “I don’t get no respect!” Some people will use that kind of humor, in part, to “get the jump” on their critics – or those they think don’t like them, or worse. So they make themselves the butt of the joke, because some of the hearers will quickly say, “Oh, you’re not THAT bad!”
    Also, if we are adopted sons and daughters of God, through Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit, then we have a spiritual enemy – the devil, who is extremely intelligent. Many bad thoughts for which we fuss at ourselves for thinking, and feel shame, originated with the devil, not us.
    Phil, I’ll bet that when God spoke to you, He was loving and gentle, not at all harsh! He knew you would listen, and take to heart, what He said!


    • Phil O.

      Yes, someone said just the other day, the first and loudest voice you might hear, do the opposite, because God’s voice is the still small and gentle whisper. His tone is kind and his kindness leads us to repentance.


  2. Gil Royal

    This article is about to change my life! As I continued to read it, I found myself saying, “Yes, that’s it!” I have a couple of “washing machines” in my life right now that have me off balance. The timeliness of your message couldn’t have been better. Thank you, Figleaf. Thank you, Phil. Thank you, God!


    • John Figleaf

      So glad it was meaningful for you Gil. It’s a wonderful thing to always have Holy Spirit in “sensing” mode, letting us know when we’re getting off balance. Blessings to you my friend!


  3. Scott

    I almost didn’t read past the headline, I hate to admit. This is an outstanding entry. I’m bookmarking this for future inspiration.


  4. Loyal May

    Okay, now I’m curious. What did you do differently with the washing machine? 😉
    Good analogy, but don’t leave us hanging out to dry on the rest of the washer story.🤔


    • John Figleaf

      The fix was that it just needed four new suspension rods. That’s a pretty basic repair job on a wash machine. I was so blinded by hating the thing that I didn’t even think of how it might be repaired. Dumb ‘ol me! LOL!


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