From Pastor to Nudist (Part 1)

Continuing the series of new videos from Aching for Eden Productions, here’s part 1 of an amazing true story.

WARNING: This post contains nudity. If this offends you, skip the video and just read the transcript. Hopefully if you are on this site, the sight of simply nudity is ok, or you’re reconditioning your mind to see the innocence in it.

And here’s the transcript:

We were at a business meeting in a friend of ours’ home, and after the meeting was over we were sitting around just drinking coffee and visiting and having a great time. And the lady of the house, she kind of like embarrassed looking and hesitant. And she says, “I need to ask you for a favor.” And she says, “You’re a pastor, right?” “Well, yeah, of course, yes.” She says, “I really need you to help me. My sister and her husband and their family are nudists.” And she kind of she kind of whispered it like like it was a bad word, you know, nudists. “And I need you to help me talk them out of it.” And we kind of looked at each other like it was kind of funny, you know?

But I said, “Oh, absolutely, I’m in, but give me a week so I can get some ammo. We need to do a Bible study, find out what the Bible says so that we have some ammo for them.” I said, “I don’t want to just wing it.” “We’ll straighten them up!” And so we drove home that night.

We kind of joked about it on the way home, you know, because we had about an hour and a half drive home. And it was just it was one of those odd things.

We started looking up every verse on naked or nude or anything to do with that subject. We already knew ahead of time we could not use anything with Adam and Eve, so we kind of just glossed over that right away. But suddenly, everywhere we looked was positive.

You know, we’ve got King Saul was naked with the prophets, which meant that when they assumed he was a prophet because he was naked, well, then the prophets had to have been naked. So that that didn’t fit the narrative. So we kind of threw that aside.

And then it was, you know, King David and Isaiah under the command of the Lord for three years naked. And just in case you were wondering how naked, naked and barefoot!

And then there was, I mean, just over and over again throughout the Old Testament. So we were like, okay, well, that’s because that was Old Testament. So let’s look at the New Testament. And then you find, you know, Peter naked while fishing. And rather than being reprimanded by Christ or straightened up, it just mentioned it like it was just in passing.

And then we find out that Jesus, you know, it says that he took off his robe to wash the apostles’ feet at the Last Supper. And I’m thinking, “Hmm, that not doesn’t fit.” Peter doesn’t fit in.

And then you find that the Bible tells us that at the triumphal entry that they took their clothes off and laid them in the way for Jesus to ride the donkey. Everywhere, Old Testament, New Testament,
nothing fit. We couldn’t find any.

If you would pull Leviticus 18 out of context, well then you could use it. But we make a habit of not doing that. We look at the Bible from a legitimate standpoint, not make it say what we want it to.

So everything we found didn’t fit the agenda, which really threw me for a loop as a pastor, frankly, because we’d been taught our whole entire educational system as a pastor and the church growing up naked, equal sex and naked equals bad, right? Well, that’s not what the Bible said. Not at all.

So we go back. You can tell she’s wanting to bring the subject up. Right? So I said to her, I said, “You’re going to want to sit down. Because what we found was not what we expected.” And they both were like, “Really?” Boom, sit down. We’re at the kitchen table. And I had, I brought a printout of all the verses with me. So I kind of slid the printout over and I said, this is all of the verses in the Bible that specifically referred to just simple nonsexual nudity.

And she’s like, “Wow, that’s a lot of verses.” I said, “Yeah, and they’re all pro non-sexual nudity. This is not good news for you. This is bad news for you. These are all verses that are pro body acceptance.”

God made us in his image, not ashamed and called it very good. And so we went through each verse at a time and answered all the questions. And she says at the end, she says, “Well, what do we do about this?” Which was, it’s a really good question.

And Kim says, you wanna tell him what you said? In our house, we believe if God says it. No. If God is for it, we’re for it. And if God is against it, we’re against it.

And so my mouth fell open because I hadn’t, I actually hadn’t asked the question, what do we do about it? Right? I just studied it. Couldn’t help them any. And she’s like, “Well, if God is for it, we’re for it.” And I went. [speechless] Because what do you do with that? Right?

And so a couple of weeks later… (I didn’t say it wouldn’t be hard.) [laughing] But if God is for it, we believe the Bible. Right. That’s the bottom line, isn’t it? Is we believe the Bible is the word of God. And if God is for it, we’re for it.

So we’re Jim and Kim and been naturists for 20 plus years.

Go to part 2.

Check out while you’re at it.

11 thoughts on “From Pastor to Nudist (Part 1)

  1. jeffnkr

    This is a GREAT video! I’m encouraged by the fact that Jim does NOT have a perfect body! Also, it’s great that another person has verified that God is PRO-nudity! After all, His intention was for people to be nude.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. William Fay

    Great video. Do happy you have found the truth about that. Further enlightenment awaits for those who have belief in scripture. Don’t stop at nudity. Much more awaits that will take you away from mainstream churchianity and closer to God and Jesus.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. j

    I’m skeptical about those places in the Gospel that you said contained nudity. Shouldn’t you be able to cite the specific passages?

    I have gone to CO beaches before, but I feel God warning me away from it. Maybe it depends on what is in your heart. But I just don’t have the ability to separate nudity from desire, and that’s not something I would ever dare lie to God about.


    • Phil O.

      Yes, those passages have been cited in many places. Look at our resources page. That wasn’t the thrust of the video as that info is available elsewhere. The pastor in the video has a site that references each passage: – also the biblical naturist blog is good, and lastly to separate nudity and desire. I hope you can study with an open mind and without cultural bias creeping in as well as guilt and shame. Those are not from God. We’ve been conditioned as a society to make too big a deal over nudity and flesh. It’s a gnostic heresy still alive and well today. The Lord convicts of sin, but not using tactics of guilt or shame. He leads gently into truth, and truth will make you free. I don’t want to cause you go away from the Lord’s leading, but for me and so many others he’s led us to this conviction.


    • jeffnkr

      J: Thank you for your honesty! I find that I have to choose the way of escape that God has made for me (I Cor 10:13) MORE when I see people that are clothed. When I see a fully nude person, I have to choose to look that person in the eye, and to maintain eye contact. I’ve actually forgotten I was nude, and with nude people.

      Remember, also, that many people do not dress conservatively, but to excite, and to attract attention. Example: a bikini or a thong, as beach attire. When something is hidden, or I’m told I can’t, or given a reason that doesn’t sound right, then I start wondering why, and try to find out the truth, or uncover what’s hidden.


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