He Tried a Naturist Club for the First Time

In season 1 and episode 1 of James Dunlop Discovers, the filmmaker decided to try out a naturist club. In good fashion, he partook in all the activities in proper attire (no attire at all). Good on him. What did he think of his experience? Watch and see. Although I didn’t like his very last statement, I liked much of what else he had to say about his peculiarly special day.

I loved what others had to say as they were interviewed. Two in particular, Peter and Siobhan, were special to see and hear on this video. They are friends we have not had the privilege of meeting in person, but have seen many times on zoom as they are part of the Christian Naturist Fellowship. Her honesty at 4:23 to 5:14 is so refreshing and inspirational.

Naturists might not like that pixelation was used, but I’m fine with it as this censored version will ultimately reach more people in the mainstream, which need to understand its message.

Watch and comment below. What’s your reaction to this 14 minute documentary?

2 thoughts on “He Tried a Naturist Club for the First Time

  1. Trevor

    That was a very pleasant video. What Peter and Siobhan had to say fit perfectly with how my wife and I have experienced naturism. Makes a lot of sense that they are Christians as well. The question is, why won’t the filmmaker go back?

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  2. Gerald

    I’ll be honest in saying that I was disappointed with the pixels, but I certainly do understand the reason for them. Otherwise it was a very good video. There were a number of games that I would have liked to play again, I haven’t played croquet for 60 years, and it would be so wonderful to be able to play it while nude. This looked like a nice place to visit.

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