Bible Nudity Not Taught in Sunday School

My good friend Matthew Neal is now on Twitter. Consider this your invitation to go give him a follow, @BibleNaturist. You’ll be glad you did.

One of the things he’s done recently is a series of tweets called #BibleNudityNotTaughtInSundaySchool. I’m not sure if he’s done with it, but if there’s more coming, you can catch it on Twitter. Here’s what he’s done so far in the series. Enjoy!

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8 thoughts on “Bible Nudity Not Taught in Sunday School

  1. Gil Royal

    This stuff is lethal, delivering a fatal blow to our cultural aversion to life as God intended! It’s not the nude form God created that’s offensive, but mankind’s perverted use of it. Thank you, Matthew. Thank you, Phil.

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      • Phil O.

        Such a sermon would make people leave, so it’s too big a risk for preachers. I’m not saying this is correct; it’s just what is most likely true about most. It takes a bold preacher, firm in his convictions to take that risk.

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      • Paul B

        There’s other to topics where we would be happy for the preacher to preach stuff which would cause people to leave. When I have conversations with people, I don’t say directly that I think that nudity is good. But I do try to put questions in their minds which will make them uncomfortable and hopefully make them come back.

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  2. Alex

    We know a pastor who several years ago got arrested for preaching and writing about the importance of being unashamed of the bodies God created us with. The pastor preached exactly Matthew Neal’s posts found on this page.

    What his family and church has been through has been astonishing and apparently it’s not over. He says when God calls a man to preach & minister the truth, the power of that truth can often be measured in the opposition to it. He also said “the power of a man is his pure love for others.” That first night in jail, he stood completely naked before his jailers and forgave those who did this to them. His forgiveness sent shockwaves throughout the jail and community. God really does call us to carry our own cross.

    Please know that ministering this message about us being created in God’s Image is a great calling. The enemy is terrified of it. Don’t shrink back. Instead, violently advance the Kingdom of God as He directs you with the Truth.

    Thank you for what you are doing here on this site. Very important.

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    • Phil O.

      Wow, that’s incredible. Thanks for sharing that here. We take the calling seriously. There’s a lot of ground to recover that the enemy has taken.

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  3. jeffnkr

    AMEN! GLORY TO GOD! The shame that is associated with nudity is NOT from God, but the enemy of our souls! It certainly IS okay to look at EVERYTHING God created! Even penises, scrotums, female breasts, and labia!

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