About Us

We’re just a couple who loves the Lord and are doing our best to raise a family who loves Him too.

We live in the USA. We’ve been Christians ever since we can remember. We also spent two decades in church leadership, in various capacities.

Over time, we’ve learned that there are many things we were taught and even taught others for years that are conventional Christian wisdom, but don’t mesh well with God’s heart or the true meaning of His word. One of those areas is body positivity. It’s personal for us in the sense that we lived very much in bondage for much of our lives. He with constant struggles with pornography, and she with body insecurities and low self image.

For lack of a better term, Christian Naturism surprisingly proved to be a remedy and cure for both these issues. The so-called “modesty” and prudery we were taught is now rejected in our family, as is any sort of body shaming. In its place is a healthy respect for all people as being made in the image of God. This lifestyle is one that has brought us closer to each other as a couple and as a family, to like-minded individuals, and to our Creator in so many wonderful ways.

This may sound as crazy to you as it did to us at one time! But trust us when we say, we aren’t ever going back.

While our names on this blog are obvious pseudonyms, our real names are all we withhold. We have become much more open and honest since embracing this lifestyle, but there are many who would simply not understand, and would misinterpret our intentions. We long for a day when we can openly share our findings. For now, you will find detailed accounts on this blog of our theoretical knowledge (studies) and practical applications (experience) that have changed the entire way we live for the better. We bare our souls as we eagerly strive to reclaim the innocence of Eden in our everyday lives.