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“Surprised Into Freedom” is the story of a man and his wife being liberated from the captivity that plagued them for most of their lives. He knew he was enslaved by his lustful passions. She was unaware of the extent her own body shame affected all areas of her everyday life. From the unlikeliest of places came a catalyst that would spark the almost effortless and miraculous eradication of both from their bondage. They now enjoy the blessings of freedom and life as God intended it to be from the very beginning. 

“I wish I could have read this book at 20. Would you like to be free from porn issues? Free forever, with no concern of “slipping up?” The giant side effect to this cure is complete loss of harmful self-image issues. This book isn’t too good to be true–it’s too true to miss reading. If your Christian walk is planted in worldly thinking, this book will rescue you, but will tear you out of that infertile ground by the roots. It will beautify your walk with  God, and shine into every relationship in your life.”     – R.B. Mears

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These items are great conversation starters to help you spread the message of this blog with those around you. They could give you the chance to tell them about your beliefs and convictions on body acceptance and the like.

I know it’s odd to offer T-shirts on a naturist blog, but if you have to wear a shirt, why not wear a cool shirt like one of these! We offer several other items that you can enjoy as created…

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