We plan to continue updating this page with some of our favorite resources on the topic of naturism. While we do not agree with everything contained in some of these resources, we feel they are worth exploring.

The Personal Manifesto of a Christian Naturist – This first resource is a blog from this very site.

Christians and Nakedness: A video we produced from David Hatton’s poem (used with permission): – This was one of the first sites that Phil studied intently, having met the owner of the site online. They now enjoy a face to face friendship and Phil and the Mrs. have contributed articles on the site. – A site dedicated to breaking the chains of pornography in a way that actually works. Naturism is never mentioned on the site. Mrs. Phil discovered this site during her own research while Phil was at work after their initial discussion. It was one of the key resources that helped her understand that the freedom Phil had talked about was real. After sharing this site with Phil, he joyfully shared that the site confirmed what he had already experienced. – This site, written over several years by a personal friend, is an honest evaluation under the strictest rules of interpretation that demonstrate that God’s word supports the naturist perspective of the human body. – In exchange for an email address you gain access to a treasure trove of archived publications on naturism from a Christian perspective. One of our favorite resources from FLF is entitled “Apologia” which contains robust answers to 48 different objections to naturism.

Naturist Living Podcast – One of the best podcasts that discusses ethical naturism. Phil played some of the LDS episode with the Mrs. the day they had their initial discussion, because the similarity in the story presented on that episode, even though we are not LDS.

Christian Body: Modesty and the Bible: Frost, Aaron: 9781983121746 ...

Christian Body is a book Phil and the Mrs. read in a cabin during a nude getaway. It presented many good arguments on how modesty today is so misrepresented. There was a strong case about nude societies that got messed up after missionaries went in and told them they were naked. It also angered us to learn how the church had censored art that showed/proved that nudity was no big deal in Bible times and in the early church.

Meeting at the River: A Tale of Naked Truth: Hatton, David L ...

Meeting at the River: David L. Hatton packs a lot of teaching in a fictional parable-like narrative of a group of ancients having a baptismal celebration at a riverside completely nude, as was the practice in those days.

Who Said You Were Naked?: Articles and poems from David L. Hatton on Body Acceptance. Hatton is great in the way he shows that the pornographic view of the body and the prudish view of the body are two sides of the same coin.

Nudity & Christianity: The late Jim C. Cunningham edits a collection of articles on nudity and the Bible in this thick, but inspiring volume.

Uncovering the Image: A book by an evangelical minister and online friend, Bob Horrocks.

That Famous Fig Leaf: A well researched book with a lot of great info.

Nakedness, Bodiliness and the New Creation – A paper that goes into the early church practices.

205 Arguments and Observations In Support of Naturism – Extensively documented with quotes, references, supporting research, and resources for further study. Compiled by K. Bacher

A BBC piece from the 1960’s with some great interviews and messaging about naturism.

A five part video series by Rachel Stephens. She is a tad snarky at time, but she’s just passionate, and the content is on point. #2 of 5 comes right out and claims that Modesty Culture is Satanic – a provocative title worth checking out.

The history of naturism part 1. Interesting background on the founding philosophies of organized nudism. (Includes historical photos.)

An interesting one hour interview from a religious professor with Andrew Welch of British Naturism.

Josh McDowell shares alarming statistics about the problem of porn, but in our opinion fails to offer a true and lasting solution. (Still worth watching.)

Check back later for more resources!